Precipice of Change: “I heart Kaka’ako”
A Photo and Video Exhibition
at Limb Gallery

A select group of students from the MPSA media arts program at Mid-Pacific Institute had the privilege of spending the day exploring Kaka’ako. Students learned about the history, art and impending changes. This show is the result of their efforts and serves as a document of the ephemeral present.

The word Kaka’ako means dull or slow, which on first impression seems a contrary description of today’s Kaka’ako. However, calmer spaces and moments abound tucked away within the urban grit. Regardless of the pace, the area maintains a vibrant amalgam of different people, businesses and industries. Although change is constant, the Kaka’ako we know and experience will soon undergo a significant face-lift. The energy of expectation emanates – the results no one yet can know, however the pregnant anticipation felt throughout the neighborhood is a fleeting and beautiful moment in time.

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Precipice of Change: “I heart Kakaako”
Posted by Ms. Goya on 23 April 2013
Youth Media Arts Festival